Mite Brushing Machine

or brushing off spider mites and other small insects from leaves


The mite brushing machine quickly and efficiently removes all mites from leaf samples of virtually any plant species.

Each leaf is passed through a pair of rotating brushes mounted in adjustable bearings to allow variable brushing force. The leaf is pulled back out and discarded. The mites are deposited on a circular microscope slide located on a turntable below the bottom opening of the tube.

The turntable ensures even distribution of the insects and allows for quick and accurate counting and identification. The glass is placed in a microscope stage glass holder with a stage pattern that allows for an efficient counting process. The stage holder is notched at one point to indicate a complete rotation and eliminate possible errors.

Easy to use

It is easy to use and does not require special training.

With this machine, one person can brush thousands of leaves per day, removing more insects than is possible by hand.

Compact and portable

For use in the field, a 12V battery can be used.

For transport we recommend to order the suitable transport box. 


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